For successful sugar daddy dating the following tips and hints should help you to develop this relationship into something long-term: 1. Don’t Call Him. Call your mother. Call your friends. Call the lady from the wake-up call service in your city. But, whatever you do, never call him. Find a sugar daddy. If he doesn’t call you, it means he’s probably not interested in you. If you call him, he will most likely agree to a date with you simply to humor or distract you, but this is not your goal. Usually, he will wait a few days before calling. When he does, try not to sound like you have been waiting right next to the phone. Better, feign distraction, like he caught you in the middle of something. Better yet, don’t answer. Let the call go to voicemail and let him leave a message. Call back, but after a few hours. If you’re any good at playing hard-to-get, you might even choose to not return all of his calls. Instead, return every other one and leave him begging for your attention.