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Maldives Resort Reviews

So where are the Maldives, you might ask. The Maldives is a small country made up of a group of islands in the Indian Ocean, closest to Sri Lanka. With a population of only 314,000 people, tourism and fishing are the main industries that support the Maldives economy, which is centered in it’s capital city of Mali. With its abundance of sea life and coral reef structures, many tourists travel to the Maldives for the many diving opportunities available. One of the most popular of these diving adventures is a live aboard cruise. For the best prices and more information about Maldives vacations, visit

Grey Reef Sharks

Grey reef sharks in the Maldives are found living around the coral reefs and are most active at night when they are hunting. If you’re interested in scuba diving with sharks in Maldives, you’re most likely to encounter grey reef sharks under water. There are several types of reef sharks Maldives, the most common of which is probably the grey reef sharks. A reef sharks diet consists generally of smaller fish and they are savvy hunters, although there is no evidence confirming the question, are grey sharks dangerous to scuba divers. Grey reef sharks can reach lengths of about 6 feet long and usually have a grey back with a white belly.